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  • About Us

    Hello. I’m Jin Sub Oh, founder and CEO of Bengdii Inc. and a father of two children. I have been developing ‘headphones with no ear stress” since 2020 so that many people including children can use headphones comfortably without stress. I used to wear headphones for long hours when I worked, and I used to remove the earpieces from the ears to the temple area of my head because of the pain and stress on my ears. Also, even though I needed to listen and sense what is happening around me, it was difficult to do so with headphones on. At that time, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and my two sons in elementary school began online classes at home. But they had difficulty using headphones because they hated anything touching their ears, so they had to use speakers for the classes in different rooms. Since they were very young and needed constant help from their parents, they would constantly ask for help during the classes and their mother had a hard time constantly moving from one room to the other. Wearing headphones was very discomforting for an adult like me, and how hard would it be for children to wear them? That is when I started designing lightweight headphones with non-contact earpieces.

  • Bengdii is a Korean word meaning ‘flat land between hills’ I developed these headphones with a wish for children to feel peace and comfort just like when we hear nature when we close our eyes in a peaceful field. I envision our children flying higher and being freer just like a bee in a field when wearing Bengdii Bee.